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2015 - Where did it go??
2015 was our 10th year of trading and boy it was a busy one, so busy Caroline didn't really get time to go out and about much with the horses, but did manage a couple of small dressage comps with Enya (Sienna fb), typical young mare some days were great with 70%+ in novices others not so good!
October was a bad month for us, we sadly lost our beloved Fred (Keiloch), he had been fully retired earlier in the year but one evening in October he took a very bad colic attack and didn't respond to any of the drugs administered by the vet so the kindest thing was to let him go, it was a huge blow to us all as he was such a massive part of our lives, Caroline was totally devastated but she was with him when he was came into the world in 1996 and was with him the night he left us.

In December we took on a companion horse from the World Horse Welfare to keep Enya company, she was happy enough with Fizz & Cinny but they can't reach her itchy bits!  So Phoebe came to stay with us, she sadly can't be ridden so is just here to be a good pal to Enya. 

We also got a goat from Mays Stud at Newmachar, Bradley - he is our new weed controller, plenty for him to eat, he has settled in well with the 2 sheep Jessica & Peggy.

2014 has been a busy year hear at Animal Crackers
In February we sold our house at Methlick with the plan of doing a self build, but things were not to go to plan and by May we were still crashing at Caroline's mum & dad's place.
Within one weekend of looking for a new place we found and fell in love with Leveret Leys, Maud, so an offer was made and accepted and we moved in at the start of July.  Fizz and Cinny were moved first then once stables were built for Fred & Enya they too have moved back home.  Enya has taken a few weeks to settle but is getting a bit better now, will just take her a bit of time.

So since we have moved a bit further up the road we can now cover new areas, Maud, New Deer, Mintlaw, New Pitsligo and the areas round about these villages.

Because of the move Caroline hasn't had much time to go out and about competing, but she managed to get Enya (Sienna fb) to the Cabin showing show in April - their first time together in the ridden show ring.


The Cabin Showing show
Photos by G Michie

Training at Waulkmill
photos by J Spencer

Fred (Keiloch) has been retired in 2014 and is loving bossing everyone (horses, humans and the dogs) about making us all do what he wants!

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